Victoria’s Tattoos

Victoria’s Tattoos

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What was your first tattoo?

My first tattoo I got was a shaded black and grey rose, my favourite flower of all. I knew as my first one I wanted something that meant something to me, something I thought was beautiful and couldn’t wait to see the end results.

And then, did your collection come along quickly?

From there my tattoo collection did happen quite quickly. I went straight from a rose on my wrist to getting my whole hand and up a quarter of my arm covered in a henna design. I wanted something unique and feminine but also something bold.

How do you come up with your tattoos?

I have thought of a few myself. But the ideas of my tattoos are either from online, or my tattooist has changed them around to make it my own, or has helped me pick what to go for which I am so so grateful as I have loved the end result every single time.

Favourite one?

It is pretty hard to pick which one is my favourite so I’d have to say it’s between my snake, my neck or my “love myself” tattoo.

How do people react to your tattoos?

I’ve never had a bad reaction to my tattoos that I know of. I post pics daily of me with my tattoos shown and haven’t received any negativity about them, but either way I adore them in the end.

Latest one?

My latest tattoo was along my collar bones and the words stand out in Braille. After getting my chest covered in two big pieces I knew I wanted something to even out the blank space but something that was different. I’m always trying to think of different ideas that people probably wouldn’t have.

Who do you want to get tattooed by next?

Kat Von D has some incredible work which I’ve seen on other people I follow online but apart from her, the only artist I love is my own tattooist, Keith Bonner, that’s done every single tattoo on me apart from two.

Any good tattoo stories?

My best tattoo story is probably when I got the tattoo “love myself” on my chest. The tattooist doesn’t even know about this but the word was actually supposed to say “love yourself”. I didn’t realise it until the day after but now I am much more happier with a tattoo that means something to me and has also expressed a lot of positivity towards other people in loving themselves.