• You will be watched and you will be judged
  • Total control for full throttle fun  egorovtattoo  tap
  • All cops are bastards  join the sotogang  tap
  • Killer combo by alvarogroznyy  tap for dragon credits
  • Belly full of fire by hbnielsentattoo  tap for credits
  • Forever slithering into your DMs  all eyes on you
  • You know what they say  a snake on the
  • Barb wire walk by paradisehellbow for servadio  tap for
  • Legs legs legs  susannameeow  leading the way
  • Ink is the ultimate accessory  diamantemurru for shubamagazine styled
  • Dominating death  aatattooer  tap for credits for this
  • Double shot of death danmorristattoo  tap for credits for