• Making my grave look pretty  badluckveteran  tap for
  • Enter the dragon s  handpokehippi  tap for credits
  • Serenading a skeleton  hansebluearms  tap for credits for
  • Cupids fading away after fucking up your life  oraculo
  • A pear so sweet it will leave you drooling
  • Few slicker than Smick  stunning sacred heart on abbytattoo
  • Violence  its the passion to kill  doomcoretattoo
  • Wrapped up like a Christmas tree in baubles of the
  • Hanging out with my hannya  devil made me do
  • No opportunity wasted  berezin9494  to damage my dome
  • A bevy of babes  henritattooer  tap for credits
  • Thick lines hoode215 and thin lines  tap for artist